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Think about the women you meet at church. What are they saying to us through their lives?

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And guilty. Her light never goes out at night?

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When does she have sex? Is that supposed to be godly — that sense that you are a failure as a woman? I know I am not alone in this nagging sense of failing to measure up, a feeling of not being good enough as a woman. An underlying, gut feeling of failing at who she is. I am not enough, and I am too much at the same time. Not pretty enough, not thin enough, not kind enough, not gracious enough, not disciplined enough. But too emotional, too needy, too sensitive, too strong, too opinionated, too messy.

The result is Shame , the universal companion of women. It haunts us, nipping at our heels, feeding on our deepest fear that we will end up abandoned and alone. We feel unseen, even by those who are closest to us. We feel unsought — that no one has the passion or the courage to pursue us, to get past our messiness to find the woman deep inside.

And we feel uncertain — uncertain what it even means to be a woman; uncertain what it truly means to be feminine; uncertain if we are or ever will be. Aware of our deep failings, we pour contempt on our own hearts for wanting more. Oh, we long for intimacy and for adventure; we long to be the Beauty of some great story. But the desires set deep in our hearts seem like a luxury, granted only to those women who get their acts together.

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And in all the exhortations we have missed the most important thing of all. We have missed the heart of a woman. And that is not a wise thing to do, for as the Scriptures tell us, the heart is central. Above all else. Because God knows that our heart is core to who we are. It is the source of all our creativity, our courage, and our convictions.

Celebrating Women's Strength - Her Resurrection - A Survivor's Journey.

It is the fountain-head of our faith, our hope, and of course, our love. Your heart as a woman is the most important thing about you. God created you as a woman. You are a woman to your soul, to the very core of your being. And so the journey to discover what God meant when He created woman in His image — when He created you as His woman — that journey begins with your heart. The desires that God has placed into our hearts are clues as to who we really are and the role that we are meant to play.

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Many of us have come to despise our desires or at least try to bury them. They have become a source of pain or shame. We are embarrassed of them. The desires of our heart bear a great glory because they are precisely where we bear the image of God. We long for certain things because He does!

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I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far — I will find you. Why am I embarrassed to tell you this? I simply loved feeling wanted and fought for. This desire is set deep in the heart of every little girl — and every woman. Yet most of us are ashamed of it. We downplay it. We pretend that it is less than it is. We are women of the twenty-first century after all — strong, independent, and capable, thank you very much. Uh-huh… and who is buying all those romance novels? Each one filled with his love for God and his passion for me, his desire for me.

He loved me. He saw me and knew me and pursued me. I loved being romanced. Most of our addictions as women flare up when we feel that we are not loved or sought after. God bless you on your journey to serve God while serving your family! I was looking up the word Virtuous and stumbled on your site; then after reading your readers comments it provoked me to comment, I've suffered a broken marriage after 20 years and our children of 4 has been tramatized a great deal over a selfish divorce on my exwifes part-what is sad is we both are Christians and believe in God n His son Jesus Christ I only believe that one day my ex will see our mistakes and forgive herself so we can move into a better compatible place where the spirit of God rsides, for our children sake.

Amen Selah. This page is so encouraging. I have been married almost 3 years now and I have been having major martial problems.

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However I am trust God to change my heart. I have stopped pointing fingers at my husband and have decided to search within myself and see where I went wrong. I'm trusting God to work this out for us. Shelley, I am so glad you were blessed by A Virtuous Woman today. I pray for healing in your marriage! With God ALL things are possible!!

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  5. What you have created is beautiful. I strive to have all 10! My husband strayed from our marriage many times, and put himself first. He was very gullible to temptation. The media makes it so very easy for them. I believe we have to be the strong ones when it calls for it and be ready to hand over the yoke when they are ready.

    I remind myself daily, it is God's time, not my time. God has rewarded me with a husband who has renewed his faith and straps on his armor now daily, to resist temptation. He sees me now, as a treasure rather then looking past. So, yes! Let go and let God. I believe he led me to this wonderful site to remind me of my duties as well. To look forward and not back. To forgive frees me. I pray for my fellow sisters! Many thanks to you, Melissa, and what you have created. Melissa,as i search around to find scripture to read i came across your site,only the lord got me there,because i have no idea how i got there,but i'm glad i did. This is awesome, I am starting a group of reading and teaching women based on Titus and Proverbs is my theme to read and introduce today.

    God Bless. I have been in a relationship for three years off and on. I was confused and kept dragging my last relationship into my future. Therefore, my fiance is tired now and told me this week that he does not want to be with me. But the Lord put christian people in my life and I realized that the companion I have has been great to me.

    I ask the Lord to please allow me to view every with virtuous women. Hello everyone, I'm in a whirlwind, life has divided my wife and I to the point I'm not sure we will make into together.