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In retrospect of political writings she expresses her opinion about the Spanish government foreign policy including the War between Spain and the United States. Roman Primera memoria [Prvi spomin] deluje kot Bildungsroman ali vzgojnostni roman, v katerem glavna junakinja razvija svojo osebnost v tva do zrelosti.

She established a reputation early in her career as a talented writer whose unconventional behavior was as well known as her works. During her lifetime, Avellaneda enjoyed literary and commercial success in several genres, including poetry, drama, essays, and lengends. In this way, the female writer manipulates historical time, to propose to the Spanish public of the 19th century another version of the conquest, one that was not that of the victors, but of the vanquished; distancing herself from the dominant discourse of her time.

Nevertheless, it displeased opposite factions. The republicans be- lieved themselves in caricature; the conservatives rose in rebellion against the frank and sincere description of the town and the working people. There is no shirking of reality and the observations are careful which places it in literature as a Spanish realistic novel. Its paredes de sus primeras casas, y los sillares de algunas en const ruccicin, tapias, huertecillos, cuadros de Isgumbre, llenaban el espacio vacante entre el pueblo y el pinaf. Ensanchabase la senda, desembonando en el camino real, a cuyas orillas, copudos castanos proyectaban manchones de sombr,s-.

Dormia el pueblo sin duda, pues ni se divisaban luces ni se oian los rumores y zumbidos que revelan la proximidad de los colmenas huraanas. Realmente, Vilamorta es una colmena en miniatura, una villita modesta, cabeza de partldo. Segundo, the principal character of the story, is an enamoured imitator of Becquer. He has for a pen-name "el Cisne" which means the good poet. The romanticism in him is overshadowed "by the thick cloud of so many realistic pictures. He is a dreamer, the loved not the lover of Lucretia.

The latter offers such an inhuman physiognomy that the efforts of the author did not suffice to give it artistic value. The suicide at the end shows that realism cannot forget its romantic origin, although it may deny it. She gave three reasons. The first; to prevent ob- 1 Blanco Garcia, F. Here realism is best embodied. The most abiding merit of this painfully exacting history of a decadent aristocratic family as notable for its portraits of types like Nucha and Julian as for its creations of characters like the political bravos Basbacana and Trampeta, lies in the pictures of country life - "a poetic realization of Galician scenery set down in an elabo- rate highly-colored style.

All is chaotic in the old lordly tumble- down house. The furniture is covered with dust; windows have no panes; the garden resembles a thicket; the pond, which is never cleaned, is nauseous and green. The owner of the place, Don Pedro, marquis of Ulloa, possesses plenty of lands around the castle, but the farmers pay him irreg- ularly ana he does not keep up his account books.

He commands sovereignly the farmers and the laborers; he receives rents; he pays, buys and sells, and in these diverse duties, he steals in all security and continually. Don Pedro is not ignorant of these actions, but he dotes on hunting and Priraitivo is the most cunning of men in the art of discovering game. Furthermore, the marquis is the lover of his cook, 3abel, by whom he has a son, that misohlevous Pervcho, who is brought up alone among the beasts in the stable.

To get rid of Primitive would mean to get rid of Sabel. She deceives him; his huntsman robs him. He has habits which he will not re- nounce. Somesone is needed to aid him. This one is the new chaplain. Julian determines that Don Pedro shall marry - but whom? It is finally decided that they are to go to Santiago where the marquis has four cousins, one of whom he shall choose as wife. He chooses Nucha, a very young and innocent girl. The betrothal ceremony is held and then the wedding. The question arises - how are they to return to the manor if Perucho and, above all, Sabel, do not leave?

Q Several days before his departure from Santiago he sends Julian to the castle to put things in order.

Cuentos de marineda

Priraitivo, however, makes sport of the purity of the cijaplain; he tells him that Sabel is about to be married and that she will leave the place. The truth is that Sabel remains in her kitchen and Perucho does not appear for some months. The marquis and his wife are installed. A daughter is born.

Pardo Bazán, Emilia (Countess)

The priest becomes very much attached to the baby; he cuddles her and takes her about. Mucha becomes nervous and is subject to fits. The big house frightens her and she has nightmares. The marquis, who was hoping for a boy, is furious and returns to his pleasures, - Sabel and the hunt. Julian becomes sad. He thought he had put things to right in the manor. He does not dare to scold Don Pedro. He awaits the outcome of the issue at hand - the marquis is a candidate for deputy. Elected, he would take his wife and daughter to Madrid.

The good priest laments the parting of the baby and himself, but one thought con- soles him:. Good-bye to the hopes of the priest!

Hispania. Volume 75, Number 2, May 1992

Don Pedro hunts more than ever, estranges himself more than ever from Niuskka; he bullies her, even beats her. The young woman suffers from a wrecked body and soul. She concentrates her affection on her little daughter, Manola, Perucho reappears. Nucha is informed that he is ill timate child. She becomes interested in him because he is unfortunate, aimising. But suddenly she learns that he is the child of her husband. Her grief and fright increase.

She, the legitimate wife, is an intruder in her own house.

Full text of "Realism in Spanish literature as exemplified by Emilia Pardo Bazan ."

Are they not attempting a crime against her and her daughter? She confides in the priest and begs him to flee with her in order to save her and her child. Here the marquis turns up. The sneaking Primitive has put him on guard against Julian's anxiety in behalf of Nucha, Don Pedro sequestrates his wife and puts Julian out - an example of the quilty punishing the innocent.

Dona Eiailia is, there- fore, a naturalist in the French manner 1 as regards this particular point.

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The chaplain only. This is a subject which the French naturalists abuse, but which this Spanish naturalist rarely uses. She avoids pictures characterized by lust. One time, however, he acts as a lover; he hits Sabel with the butt -end of his giin when he finds her in a sttspicious attitude with a peasant. Some of the pictures are audacious, they are not licentious, Sabel tries twice to seduce Julian, Perhaps it is to obey the orders of the crafty Primitive or perhaps it is to obey her own impulses.

What matter the motive? The result is Julianas great antipathy for Sabel. Here she is in the heart of Galicia; her per- sonal interest is evident on every page; she is engrossed in the country and its inhabitants, concerned with them more than with her readers. What pictures of humanity are drawn i What pictures in the human gallery beginning with Nucha, the disdained wife; Julian, her counsellor, 1 Vezinet, F.